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HORIZONTE MEDICO is edited by the Faculty of Human Medicine of San Martin de Porres University (USMP). It has the objective of spreading the scientific knowledge mainly medical among professors and students of the university and other universities, professionals from related disciplines to medicine and people interested.

To submit an article, there is no need to be professor or student of the San Martin de Porres University, but a professional or student of social-psycho-medical-social sciences of any university that develop original and unpublished articles.

The contribution submitted to the Journal can belong to the following sections: 

·         Editorial

·         Original article

·         Short Original

·         Review article

·         Clinical case

·         Opinion article

·         History

·         Semblance

·         Letter to the editor  


Horizonte Medico is edited according to the “Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to medical journals” and regulations of Vancouver


Articles submitted for publication must meet the following standards of presentation: 

  • Topics  related to the social-psycho-medical-social area of medicine

  • They must be original and unpublished

  • Authors must read the rules of Publication of working papers as a whole. The working papers will be written in Spanish. Times New Roman font, 12 picas font size, double space and margins of 25 mm.

  • Each component of the manuscript should begin on a separate page. Pages should be numbered consecutively

  • Articles will be evaluated by the Editorial committee and subjected to arbitration by specialized professional peers who qualify the articles at the request of the committee through a report of the same. The review process should not  take more than 3 weeks

  • Horizonte Medico Journal reserves the right to accept the articles submitted and to request the necessary modifications to meet the requirements of publication. The author will have 30 days to correct the observations where the case may call for it. The journal also reserves the right to standardize the manuscript according to the format of it.


Submission of articles will be made though the Open Journal System (OJS)

1. Log in or register from the main menu


2. Immediately after the registration a message will be sent by email with  confirmation of registration and information to access the system

3. The process of the article may be followed trough OJS system



The author should attach compulsorily through OJS the following documentation:

1. A letter addressed to the editor requesting the evaluation of the article
2. Sworn declaration and permission to publish duly completed and signed by the authors recognize that the article presented is intellectual property that has not been published or submitted for evaluation by another journal, giving the copyright to medical horizon once the article is accepted for publication
3. Institutional affiliation if applicable
4. Authorship contributions
5. Funding source
6. Declaration of conflicts of interest
7. Contact information




Editorial: It will be submitted at the request of the director of the journal of the Horizonte Medico journal; it             content will refer to the articles published in the same issue of the journal or a topic of interest according to         the editorial policy. 

Original article: Unpublished article of investigation related to the scientific, technical, humanistic or ethics             of medicine. It has the following structure: Summary is Spanish and English with a maximum of 300 words, keywords, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion and bibliographic references. 

Brief original: preliminary products of ongoing investigations or reports of outbreaks which because of their             importance deserve to be disseminated. It has the following structure: unstructured abstract, keywords,             introduction, the study (which includes "findings" to display the results), discussion and bibliographical             references (limit: 150 words sum, 2,000 words of content, four figures or tables and 20 references. 

Article of revision: synthesizes, analyzes and updates a topic of the field of medicine, including scientific             evidence; for example, the action of prostaglandin E2 in the maturation of the cervix. They are requested by        the editorial committee, it must be drawn according to the following scheme: summary in Spanish and             English, with a maximum of 250 words; keywords, topic development and bibliographic references. 

Case report: discussion of a case of medical clinic or surgical clinic of diagnostic interest, rare observation             or apparent interest that deserves its publication, as the discussion of the first case of dengue in Lima. It          must be drawn according to the following scheme: summary with a maximum of 125 words. Brief             introduction, communication or event (s) clinic(s), discussion and references. The total length of the article, including references should not exceed six (6) written pages on one side. Four illustrations and/or tables are       accepted at the most 

Article of opinion: Is a written characterized by the exposure and argumentation of the thoughts of a             recognized person about a topic related to medicine, such as primary health care, sent by the representative   of the Pan American Health Organization in Peru. No more than six (6) pages of length written on one      side. 

History:  is the narrative and exposition of a transcendent past events in the field of medicine, as the story of             the first segmental caesarean practiced in Peru. No more than eight (8) pages of length written on one             side. 

Biographical Note:  biographic sketch of a physician or contemporary person whose work has been             particularly influential in the medical field or in the development of the teaching of this discipline at the San      Martin de Porres University, in Peru or in the world. No more than eight (8) pages of length written on one side. 

Letter to the Editor: The objective is to enrich an article published in the Horizonte Medico journal in its             last issues. They should have a maximum of two pages. Two illustrations and or tables are accepted at the       most. The maximum number of authors will be five and bibliographic references no more than 10. 

Considerations of Figures, Images and Tables


  • Figure: drawings, maps, photographs, charts, statistical charts, diagrams or illustrations that are no table

  • Table: They must contain the necessary information, both the content and the title to be interpreted without reference to the text and have only horizontal lines to separate the header from the body of the table, in no case should include vertical lines




Scanned  image by camera

Scanned  image by scanner




(equal or higher)


Format or length

3 megapixels




600 ppp




Bibliographical references

The bibliographic references will correspond exclusively to the text of the article, ordered sequentially according to their appearance and be drafted following the Vancouver Standards



Horizonte Medico Journal adheres to ethical standards in force in scientific research and publication, either in the post or this review process; we will proceed to follow the recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (

The most common forms of ethical violations in publications are: plagiarism, honorary authorship or fictional, data manipulation and attempt to duplicate or redundant publication 

In case of any doubt or controversy about it, these will be evaluated and resolved by the Editorial Board of the Horizonte Medico Journal, as posted according to the following standards and international organizations: Declaration of Helsinki 2013, World Health Organization, The council for International Organization of Medical Science – CIOMS, American College of Epidemiology Ethics Guidelines, Health Research Ethics Authority – Canada


The publication of articles in the HORIZONTE MEDICO journal in its different sections does not necessarily mean the committee editor solidarity with the views expressed by the author or authors.



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